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Can i get banned ? Is the Cheat Undetected?

All our cheats and hacks have their own bypass and are 100% programmed with love.
Every user has his own signature from our cheat loader so that no anticheat in this world can detect our loader because after every restart all signatures change, with our method you are 99% safe.
The cheat loader is provided with various encrypt methods, for example AES 265 bit or Base64, so our loader can only be encrypted with difficulty or almost not at all. The source code of our cheat has a polymorphism algorithm, it changes values, names and functions in memory. Detections can thus be excluded for anti-cheats, that is to say that all our cheats are: UNDETCTED, we make updates every day, we constantly monitor our cheats.

Do your cheats contain ads?

They do not contain any advertisements or other similar things that are superfluous or could harm your computer.
You will see for yourself that we keep our promises and are honest with our users.

Can I get banned for using cheats?

There is no ban risk from the anti-cheat site as our cheats are undetected.
But if they hack or play too obviously, they can be reported by players, for example, when shooting through walls at enemies with the aimbot in CS:GO.

Are your Cheats viruses or Trojans?

The dumbest question we get regularly. No, our programs are not viruses or Trojans

Your cheats work with a VPN?

Of course, they work perfectly with any VPN, also we recommend using VPN if you want to cheat your game.

We only recommend using VPN if you want to cheat without being discreet. If you stay discreet, you clearly don’t need to use a VPN.